IT Consulting and Services

Our unrivalled knowledge and experience enables us to create for our clients a security strategy, and then assess the business to understand the gaps and priorities.

We then help define, plan and prioritise the activities that address their specific information security risks.

Our approach ensures that the overall business risks are addressed, not just an individual security threat, and ensures all programmes are aligned to our clients' business strategy and objectives.

Business Continuity & Recovery
Downtime or outage duration refers to a period of time that a system fails to provide or perform its primary function. No matter how long or extensive results in lost productivity, lost revenue and lost opportunities. We can provide proven strategies, services and technologies that reduce an organisation's exposure and vulnerability, helping protect their critical operations in an unforeseeable catastrophe.

Infrastructure Security
New technological developments create an array of security challenges when it comes to protecting a network infrastructure. We offer a range of health checks, assessments, design and implementation services and an array of technologies to facilitate secure, scalable and flexible infrastructures.

Governance Risk & Compliance
Governance, risk and compliance are at the top of most Boards' agendas. An effective approach to address these concerns requires a deep understanding of the complex interactions between people, processes, technologies and environment. ITecSys has an industry-leading with a strong track record of providing a range of solutions, services and assessments in this area.

Our Clients